I know that I can’t add one second to my life, one friend to my circle, one hair on my head or one more dollar to my wallet by worrying. Yet, I try. Yes I occasionally try to ‘go it alone’ and think my worrying will help and every time I do I fail because worry never, never, never helps.

Only God’s grace will see you through every trial real or imagined. When you worry, you are not trusting that God really does make plans for you to prosper, that He wants you to ultimately succeed and not fail. All too often we think that God doesn’t care about us or that He is upset with us and withholding His grace from us because we slipped or maybe we think we haven’t earned His love. God is not that small.

God is not human, although He became a man to bear our sins. We can’t give Him human attributes or thoughts. It is of no use to try to understand God, only believe His word and His Word is full of reassurance, full of His love for His people. Believe and be freed from worry.