One week of Youthfest done, two to go. This is a trip that everyone who can, should go on. Living in our comfortable lives, doing comfortable things with people we are comfortable with is not what following Jesus is all about.

Following Jesus involves taking chances. Taking the chance that you will be doing and learning new things, working with people who test your patience or tolerance or even your belief system. Following Jesus means allowing the box in which you live to be stretched. Helping those in need regardless of who they are how or they got to this point.

Each week is tiring, more for some than others. But each week is also exhilarating and by Sunday we will be ready to begin anew. We serve an awesome God who enables us to follow Him with true joy and peace. By following God, Linda and I found each other and by always putting Him first we are able to love each other more deeply each day.

If you don’t know Jesus in your heart, you need to. He stands at the door to your heart. You know you can hear Him knocking, open the door and let Him in. Life will never be the same.