Refreshed is the soul of the man who can have conversation with young people who understand the three pillars of community, service and spirituality and are ready to go home and disciple others. I am such a man. Watching these long-term volunteers who have grown in their faith gives hope to tomorrow.

I have been truly blessed with the added privilege of seeing my wife come alive with the joy of serving with other people who are fully committed to the Lord. I have been truly blessed with an awesome helpmate and the aches and pains all seem to fade away as we say our nightly prayers and reflect on the joys of the day.

There needs to be a way to show others why it is so important to give a hand up to someone in need and not just a handout. Everyone needs help at some time in their life, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and to walk away is just plain wrong.

Volunteer to help. Give of yourself. Reap the rewards of good deeds.