As one ages there is a choice to be made. We can live for our own pleasure collecting our social security and pensions and pursuing our own pleasures or we can use our time and talents to further the kingdom of God. The choice is ours and we need to choose wisely or we will deny the next generation the benefit of our wisdom.

There are many opportunities for people who are on a fixed income but have the time and the health to serve. The retired need to be examples to the community of how to let the love of Jesus shine over the world. Working when possible, counseling when necessary, praying always and always keeping Jesus in every situation.

As the body slows down we can teach, we can exhort and we can pray. The example of a Godly person speaks volumes to the young people of today and will last them a lifetime until they are in the position to mentor the next generation.

As you retire and chart the course of the rest of your life remember the Lord. Remember that all that you have came from God. You must return to Him what is His. What better way than to give the rest of your life to Him to use as He pleases.