There is a woman in her eighties who has been volunteering at CAP for 7 or 8 years feeding the groups that come in to help CAP participants. Miss Anita fell last week and hurt herself. She is here but unable to be the Martha (Luke 10:40-42) that she has always been.

The other ladies are helping her to be comfortable and waiting on her It is difficult for her to accept the servants role but she is learning with a little help from her friends. There are times in our lives when w can serve others and there are times in our lives when God expects us to sit and be waited on. Anita has always been a gracious and faithful servant and right now it is time for her to be the one waited on.

Remember as you serve that there will be times when you need to be served and likewise remember when you are being served that there are times when you will be expected to serve. Follow Anita’s example and be both a gracious servant and a gracious recipient.