If we look at a project with our own eyes we will see a limited opportunity that will produce a finite result. If we use our skills alone to complete a project, the results will be limited by our vision and abilities. This just the way it is. Limited vision and limited skills produce limited success.

But if you give your life to the Lord, let Him direct your steps and show you His vision and His project, He will take you out of your comfort zone and into His. Every time that we volunteer to serve our God we grow our faith. Every single time! And this surprises us. We are not surprised by God’s results in the projects we work but surprised by the way God works in our lives and increases our faith. By serving others we serve God and when we faithfully serve the Lord we are rewarded.

Every time we work for the Lord we can produce results that change the world, change the world one person at a time. We bring the good news of Jesus to each person we help and each person who stands beside us helping others.