We all have times when we wake up and do not immediately feel the presence of the Lord. I have no idea why this happens and frankly I don’t care. For those of us who are blessed by marriage to a godly woman there is an awesome remedy to this situation. Prayer. Start every day with prayer together and end every day with prayer together.

Normally I lead the morning prayer and Linda leads the evening prayer. This morning I was not feeling the presence of the Lord in my life, my spirit was troubled and as we lay in bed Linda started leading the prayer. I still haven’t asked why and I only know that peace was restored to my spirit by her prayer and instead of a troubled day I am now blessed with an awesome day.

Not only is this the first day of our Spiritual Life Conference led by Bill Ury, it is Sunday the day to worship and praise the Lord. Find a church today that speaks to your heart like mine speaks to my heart and go to the Lord in humility to praise Him, thank Him and above all surrender yourself, all of you, to Jesus. I pray that you know the peace of the Lord and if you don’t, I pray that you will find the peace of the Lord.