Maybe instead of trying to prove who Jesus is to the doubters we should encourage people to go find Jesus for themselves. Give them the challenge of disproving His existence, the challenge of explaining the unexplainable. If our faith in Christ is secure surely it can withstand a little scrutiny.

Or maybe we should live so as to reflect the glory of Jesus and bring His light to a dark and dreary world. Show them the proof of the existence of Jesus by the conduct of our own lives. If we are truly followers of Jesus surely our lives can withstand a little scrutiny.

Or maybe we should talk about Jesus and salvation and bring the gospel with us everywhere we go. Tell people about the glory of salvation, the grace of God every day and let the Lord do the heavy lifting. If the gospel is true surely it can stand a little scrutiny.

Why don’t we do all three? Talk about Jesus, live to show Jesus and challenge others to find Jesus or disprove His existence. There is no single way to bring Christ to others. Show, tell, challenge, lead, serve… do whatever is needed. Don’t just sit!