Last night was the 4th night of our annual Spiritual Life Conference here at Harvest Church in Dothan Alabama. The message was powerful, hearts were touched… but not all, eyes were opened… but not all and many were moved… but not all. It appears that there are either hearts of stone in the church disguising themselves as Christians or we are all totally healthy.

Did you ever wonder why there may be hearts of stone in the church? People no longer seem to care about your church attendance so why bother with the charade? Maybe they know in their head about Jesus and why He shed His blood for us but not in their heart. Maybe they have not seen Jesus in us or the church. Just maybe we are the problem for them.

What an awful thought. We could be the hardening agent for someone’s heart, we could be a stumbling block for one of God’s children. Let the Lord search your heart, judge your motives and rule over your actions so that you do not become an obstacle to another’s walk with Christ.