Today can be the day that lays to rest all of your doubts and fears. Today can be the day when you look into the heart of God and see how very much He loves you. Just listen to that small still voice in your heart that says you are incomplete, that there is a spot in your heart that needs to be filled. Recognize that you can’t do life alone, that you were meant for a higher purpose and that purpose is always the advancement of His kingdom.

Remember that the kingdom of God is not made of flesh and blood and the greatest command of our God is to love Him and love others as we love ourselves. Therefore, we do not war with others for that would be like warring with ourselves rather we show love. It is not our responsibility to change others. (Praise be to that for I neither argue well nor accept defeat gracefully.)

Our responsibility begins with speaking God’s truth, telling our story of salvation and ends with helping those with questions to find answers. We are to never try to impose the Will of God on another person mainly because God’s thoughts and therefore His will are unknowable.