In the farming community it is a given that the field must be prepared before planting the seeds. So, what kind of preparation has been done before the farmer can sow his seeds. First, he must remove the large stones and root out the tree stumps, then he needs to plow the ground to turn the weeds under, then he must till the earth to break up the roots and loosen the dirt. All this and more before any seed is planted.

If the fields are properly prepared then the seeds germinate and begin to grow. After a time of growing and maturing the harvest occurs.

Those who go out into the world to spread the Gospel need to use the same techniques as the farmer. They prepare the selected mission field for planting by caring for the needs of the people. They speak the Gospel and water the faith of those who come to believe with prayer. In fellowship, they watch carefully for weeds that will choke the newborn faith.

The followers of Jesus plant the seeds of God’s love and mercy with the truth of salvation and the Lord reaps the fruit of their labors.