It is our nature to seek approval for our works. Since the fall of Adam man has been all about himself and how he is seen by the world. Ego and self-promotion have been at the root of many of the problems that plague our world since and are still predominant now.

It is a part of our nature to want the accolades of the world for all that we do. This is one of the many reasons that we need to seek first the Lord in all that we do. We must have Him search our hearts to show us our motivation for what we are about to do and if our actions are not predicated on the will of God then we need to reassess our plans.

Pray that, while you value the opinions of your family and friends, you will always do the will of the Lord as He reveals His purpose for you. Those who love you will respect your decisions and those you love may meet Jesus through your example of trust in the Lord.

We should never be influenced by any advice if it does not align with the approval of the Lord.