Why do you go to church? No really… why?

The reason that brings you to church is as important as the act of attending services. If you go to church only because it is your duty to be there and do so with no sense of joy then you miss the point. Sunday service is the time to come together as a body of believers to worship and praise the Lord for He is worthy of all praise.

Church on Sunday should be a time set aside for you to renew your spirit and worship the Lord. If you go to church solely to be seen by people to impress them with your piety beware. Jesus knows your heart and you will be rewarded according to what He sees there.

Friendship, fellowship, time to share, time to laugh and time to cry, time to console and time to make plans together are also a part of Sunday service. So, church on Sunday is vital to the spiritual health of all Christians.

If you do not have one, find a church home that will nurture your soul and stretch your faith.