When you go on mission you go into a concentrated atmosphere away from your routine, away from your circle of friends and family. You have the rare opportunity to focus on your relationship with God while being surrounded by fellow believers. Every Christian needs to do this periodically to renew their commitment and connect again to their faith.

Stay in your life with your family and friends and never go on mission and you will have great difficulty renewing your faith and maintaining your zeal for the Lord. The world that you are familiar with will gradually erode your commitment to the Lord. Every day the world tugs at you, every day your family demands and needs your attention, every day your obligations wear you down. You need to care for those you love and you need to meet your obligations and you also need to take care of your faith.

Anyone who has been on mission, be it international or national returns changed. Reconfirmed in their faith, renewed in the spirit and able to bring a recommitment to the church.

When you go on mission you help the less fortunate, bring the Word to the uninformed and bring Jesus back with you.