Mission work: It does not matter where, it does not matter why and it does not matter when we are appointed to go. The only thing that matters is that we remember that we go as the Lord has appointed us and that He has appointed us to go ahead of Him and prepare the fields for His harvest.

As we go, maybe to our neighborhood, maybe to our church, maybe to our city’s poor and homeless or perhaps far from home keep in mind the fact that we go ahead of Jesus to prepare hearts to receive Him. We are not the owners of the fields, we are only the laborers for Christ. We can be happy when our labors alleviate pain and suffering, but we need not take credit for our work.

If we are truly the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus then all of the credit must go to Him. Any ability that we have comes from the Lord and is meant to be shared, sometimes to help our brothers in Christ and sometimes to show His Love to the unsaved.

There is no need to take joy or receive recognition from our works, we should take great joy in our own salvation and give all the praise and all the glory to God.