So you don’t think God knows you and you can do what you want without consequences. You think He doesn’t exist. You have bought into the lies of this world. Well, let me ask… how is your heart doing? Happy? Satisfied? How about full of joy? Do you feel blessed beyond belief? Is your spirit at rest or is it still searching for completion?

Material possessions are nice. Living a world of comfort and having you physical needs met is a very good thing but there is much more to you than your physical body and your mind. You also have a soul and a spirit that have very specific needs. If you ignore these needs they will wither and die just as your mind and body will if not properly tended to.

Your soul and spirit are what connect you to the eternal, to God. Ignore their needs and you will surely die when your body dies. There is a force in the world that tries to stop you from nourishing your soul and spirit. Ignore it, nourish them, seek the Lord through Jesus, and you will live even after your body ceases to exist.