When you are on the path that the Lord has chosen for you there will be times when everything appears to move with the speed of light and then, without warning everything stops. Then just as suddenly the path opens up and you are moving forward again. It isn’t that doors are closing or opening or that the Lord changes His mind rather it is our perception of His will that is faulty.

We do not and cannot know the thoughts of our Lord. We do need to be obedient to His will and flexible in our lives so that we can follow the path He designed for us before we were conceived. We do have the option to step off of that path, the free will to not follow that plans the Lord has for us. We might even think we are happy going our own way running full tilt down a path that leads to destruction. We might even be happy for now, but there will come a time when our path is lost and we are forced to realize that our lives are meaningless. Now is the time to turn to the Lord before we reach the end of our path.