The world around us apparently works by means of sets of laws that that appear to be unbreakable. Man’s observations of the physical world have allowed us to postulate these rules or guidelines to help us understand what happens. When the physical world does something that is unexplainable by the current set of laws, man does one of two things. He either changes his theory to include the new observations or ascribes it to the supernatural or spiritual realm.

The physical and the spiritual are not separate realms but two facets of one cohesive reality, God’s creation. Man observes what was created, he codifies what he sees and as he sees more of God’s world he becomes more accurate in his assessments. It is however, God’s creation and not man’s. Where man sometimes goes wrong is when he either begins to take credit for what he is observing or begins to worship what is observed rather than the Creator.

Please be clear in your mind. There is a Creator who is to be worshipped and praised for His goodness, a Creator who came into the world to reconcile us to Him, a Creator who is with us every day ready to comfort us and ready to guide us.