As Christians, our lives are no longer about us. Our lives are to be dedicated to alleviating the pain and suffering in this world and in so doing demonstrating the love of Jesus to a world that is under the spell of satan.

Every morning we should wake up thanking our heavenly Father for another day to praise Him, another day to worship Him and another day to speak about Him. Every day we should seek opportunities to help others, pray for guidance from above about who we are, where we are and what His will is for our lives.

God has a plan for each of us that will speed up the coming of His kingdom here on earth. Just as each of us has a unique skillset bestowed on us by the Father, no two plans are alike. When we seek and follow His plan for our lives we are blessed and others see our joy and wonder. When we ignore the plan God has for our lives we lose the joy of being blessed and another takes our place.

Find and follow His plan for your life and be blessed with joy.