Thinking about the pastor’s message this morning. Simple really. Everything you have started with your abilities. Abilities that you have honed through education, training and practice. But, no matter how you look at it, these innate abilities are the gift of God. So, everything you have comes first from God and you owe all that you are and all that you have to Him.

Instead of requiring all of you and your possessions God only asks for ten per cent back. Of course He wants you to give the first ten per cent. Before you provide for your needs; you provide for His portion, whether it be income (the first fruits of your labor) or time or thoughts. However, the first ten per cent is only the beginning, the priming of the pump. God blesses you, you pass it along, again and again. This becomes an upward spiral of giving and receiving, an ever-increasing cycle of blessing and being blessed. As God gives you more you give more back through good works, through volunteering, and through tithing.

When you do this God sees it and it pleases Him. What do you think a pleased heavenly Father does? You betcha!! He brings more and more joy into your heart.