We are called by God to a journey on the day of our salvation. A journey of many joys and sorrows, a journey that we cannot do alone, a journey that lasts an eternity with only a short time spent here on earth. This journey that we have agreed to undertake is a glorious walk with the Lord.

There will be times on this journey when we feel weary, unloved and unfit to continue. That is when we are told to wait on the Lord for He will renew our strength. He will swoop in like an eagle and raise us up into His love. Then we will be able to continue to walk in His peace proclaiming His Name in all the world.

Our journey with the Lord through this world is not an easy, flat paved walking trail. No. The path that you follow with Jesus is winding and narrow and steep and difficult. You find it only by the grace of God and follow it only with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone begins their journey on the flat paved walking trail walking toward eternity. Not everyone recognizes the call of God to move from the trail into the wilderness to pursue His kingdom. They stay on the easy and safe road that leads to destruction. Don’t be safe… heed God’s call.