When we make new friends we spend a lot of time with them and get to know them well. We seek out common ground and pursue common interests. As we find these commonalities our friendships deepens and we learn to love each other as brothers and sisters.

In today’s world we do not have to be physically close to keep the bonds of friendship close and tight. We can now remain close through the various modern media available to us (phone, email, skype, social media, ETC). We can (and I do) spend excessive amounts of time tracking friends and family and loving them from a safe distance. So why do I watch and not interact? Why do I stay away? Because up close they may see my warts, my imperfections and not love me back. We all carry guilt and fear with us, they are a part of the fallen world that we live in.

As I learn to walk with Jesus I am being taught that there is one who loves me, one who cares, one that I need to stay close to and that one is Jesus. He gives me the courage to step out and love others regardless of their feelings for me, Jesus gives me the strength to show myself and all of my imperfections to the world so that the world can see Jesus working in my life.