What the world thinks the seasons of a man’s life are:

At the start of a man’s life, life is all about him getting trained and prepared to earn enough money raise a family. During the middle of a man’s life, life is all about raising children and providing for the family’s physical needs. At the end of a man’s life it is all about retiring to a life of comfort and ease. What a fool I was to think that this was what is important.

God has a better and more fulfilling purpose for the seasons of a man’s life. Man’s life is a series of events that God designed to draw man closer to God, teach man how to live for God, worship God and praise God. During this process we learn how to show God to others and if we are very blessed we get to disciple others. But above all there should a reverence for God taught and shown throughout a man’s life or (for those of us who begin to understand God and Jesus late in life) every day after he learns the truth of Jesus and the true meaning of life with God.