There are people who live in this world who are not of this world. They live their lives always looking forward to the time when they will be with God. In fact, they spend so much time looking forward that that they neglect the world around them. They forget that God has a purpose for their lives here on earth.

Thinking about the joys of your salvation is a good thing. Looking forward to eternity with Jesus and fellow believers is wonderful and not to be denied anyone. But to neglect the problems of world to concentrate on eternity is not why we were saved. When we are born again we should happily follow the examples set in the Bible, joyfully feed the poor, heal the sick, shelter the poor and fill the needs of the helpless.

If following Jesus means encountering hardships, trials and dangers and even death then we should not hesitate, and should not worry. God has a plan and His plan includes you if you are willing to give everything to Him, even your life. Stop looking forward and start looking around for what Jesus needs you to do here… now.