Too many Christians are great at pointing a finger aimed in the wrong direction. They point at people and say ‘this is who you were’, they point at people and say ‘you are a sinner’ and they point at people and say ‘you will go to hell if you don’t stop giving in to the pleasures of this world’.

Wrong… wrong… wrong.

Most times when you give a negative message you are going to receive a negative response. Keep telling me that I am bad, evil and unredeemed and I will agree with you just to shut you up. Take that finger and point it at Jesus. Show people the way out, they already know that they are in trouble.

Talk about God’s redeeming mercy, talk about His unfailing love, and talk about His influence in your life and His patience and His forgiveness. Stop talking about satan and sin and evil. All you are doing is advertising for the world, advocating for the pleasures of sin.

Point your finger at the Son of God and say that is the way for me and it can be the way for you. When you point your finger to accuse, you push people away. Be careful not to point them away from God.