Small children are taught that they need to make themselves presentable before they meet new people or go to visit family. They are generally chastised if they arrive at the car looking messy, especially after Mom has cleaned them up. What this teaches us is that we need to “be presentable” before we can start our day.

When we leave the house in the morning there is always a ritual of “getting cleaned up”. Every person has a routine they go through of getting cleaned up to become presentable to others. Is it any wonder that people think they have to “get ready” before they can come before Jesus and be accepted into God’s family?

Well, people are wrong. Jesus does not need you to get cleaned up before coming to Him. All you need to do is come before Him and confess to Him all of your sins and iniquities. He accepts you just as you are and will begin a work of healing in your life. He takes on the job of leading you to a better life, a life of peace, love and joy. Just come before Him and let go of your hurts and pain.