Know this… if you know nothing else. God loves you, not in some abstract universal way but personally. He cries with you, He laughs with you, He loves you more completely than any person could. Do not, I repeat do not be fooled by satan into believing that God is a distant, aloof uncaring deity who watches dispassionately while the world whirls around the sun and humans hurt, kill and hate each other.

God created a perfect universe that works according laws and principles that only He knows. God created mankind and gave them free will. The right to obey or not obey and satan convinced mankind to not obey and they thereby condemned themselves to be eternally distanced from God. So God sent His only begotten Son to show the way back. Reject Jesus and continue through eternity away from the Creator in a universe of pain and suffering, in a place much like this one where evil reigns. Accept Jesus and spend eternity with the Creator in a place filled with love and peace and where every task is light, every job fulfilling, every hope realized and every relationship completed.