There are times when God seems to be absent from our lives, when it feels like He just does not care. There are times when it feels like God stops helping, stops answering prayers, stops being involved with our lives. Could it be that we chose to ignore God when He showed us the way, when He opened a door for us to serve Him, when He asked us to shine His light?

Sometimes we get so lost in our walk with Jesus that we think maybe He never was involved, that we were mistaken when we thought we heard Him. Could it be that we got so involved with the church and with the appearance of being religious that we lost our relationship with the Lord?

If this has happened or is happening to you take the first small step of dropping to your knees in a time of prayer. Get alone with the Lord, repent in prayer, be still and listen and then obey. Be obedient in the small things that He asks of you and He will be faithful to give you the power to hear His guiding words and lead you back to the Master.