We make decisions every day that will impact us now and in the future. As we go through the process of decision making we need to remember that our decisions also affect others and their futures as well. There is only One who know the path of every human on the earth, only One who can affect the outcome of every decision. Only Jesus can lead us on a path through the peaks and valleys of this life that produces peace and joy for those who know us.

Every choice we make we make in the presence of God. Every action we take, we take in the presence of God. If we include Him in our thinking, if we ask Him for His guidance, He will enable us to make decisions that will benefit not only ourselves, but those around us also.

If, on the other hand we do not ask for the help of God we will be taking a path that may adversely affect many of our friends and family, a path that may, in fact, remove us further from His presence. Choose Jesus to be your guide.