God the Father has been the most consistent parent we could ever have. He has disciplined His children when necessary, watched over them at all times and never wavered in His love. Just like any good parent He has adjusted His actions as He has watched the attitude of humanity as we have grown and matured and at the appointed time Jesus came to show us the way.

Now is the time in man’s growth for us to take the first step to spiritual freedom, now is the time to declare our allegiance. Do we ally ourselves with God or do we ally ourselves with satan? No longer will the Lord push us to where He wants us to be. It is our time to stand up and be counted among His people. He will draw us near to Him so we can decide. But the decision belongs to each of us and decide we must. What will your decision be?

A word of warning: The middle road, the wide path, the path that leads to destruction is the path of ‘no choice’, the path of least resistance. If you ignore God, satan wins.