Why do we speak about the love God has for His creation and the love we have for Him and not include the resurrection in all of our conversations? The crucifixion is symbolized everywhere we go by the cross. The cross symbolizes the sacrifice that God made to cover our sins. The risen Christ shows the ultimate victory over evil and sin. Unfortunately the message became twisted into “God is dead” and has been proclaimed loudly throughout the world.

What are we thinking? How can we sit by and watch satan marginalize the cross into a final, futile act of an ineffective deity? God is not dead, Jesus is alive, the tomb is forever empty and we concentrate on seeing Jesus die? Don’t get stuck in the three days before He rose. See Jesus alive! Find joy in Him, know Him, talk with Him every day.

Take the living God, the living Christ with you daily into your walk in the world. Hold His hand as He holds your heart and Jesus will lead you through the storms of your life, give you peace, and put others in your path who need Him as well.