The first word in the Lord’s prayer is ’our’ not ‘my’. Why do you think this is? Could it be that we are to conduct our lives in community with other believers? Probably and if this is true then what is community, in particular, what is Christian community?

A community of believers is a group of people dedicated to serving each other. For we cannot love God if we do not love each other and we cannot love each other if we are not dedicated to serving each other. Community starts with the desire to serve, not the desire to be served. We need to wash each other’s feet, not watch each other’s backs.

Too many of us want to be in a Christian society and not a Christian community. Society starts with the desire to be served and not the desire to serve. Just as too many of us pray and ask for things from God instead of asking for His direction in our lives, too many of us go to church to be served instead of serving.

Many of us have lost the sense of community and replaced it with the concept of society. Too bad.