Yesterday I met a person who did not praise the Lord and did not want to help others but prayed for help for himself. I met a person who would not forgive others but wanted forgiveness. I met a person who had been to church and understood nothing. I met a person who needed Jesus but could not humble himself before the Lord.

Yesterday I met a person much like I was. Lost and afraid in a world that made no sense, a world where all was lost and it felt like no one understood. As much as I try, I will not be able to help until he sees the futility of his actions, until he understands that there is a kind and loving God who asks only that He be exalted before all others, especially self.

If you are in a desperate, lonely place, if you have nothing further to try, if all of your efforts feel futile, come home. Come back to Jesus where you belong. Nothing that you have done cannot be forgiven. No thought or action so bad that God stopped loving you. Ask to be forgiven and He will forgive you and bring you back into His loving arms.