Have you already let go of your life and allowed God to take control? Do you believe that God has a better plan for your life than you do? Did you believe that the first step was really simple, but not easy? Now that you believe in the gospel and what it has for you, now that you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior and stopped thinking that you can go it alone, you need to move forward.

Jesus has covered your sins and God has brought you into His family, now it is time to say hello to your new traveling companion, the Holy Spirit. Yes, it is truly a miracle, your salvation and yes it is true that you are now a part of God’s family and yes it is also true that He sent the Holy Spirit who is with you every minute of every day. You are no longer alone in your life, you have a Counselor who will help you, guide you when you ask and show you when you sin.

Talk with the Holy Spirit and listen to the Holy Spirit. He is there to daily fill you with joy and peace. Do not ignore or dismiss the Holy Spirit.