As our life together moves forward Linda and I will always need to feel the presence of the Lord, always need God’s grace and love and always need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We try to start and end every day in prayer together and our spirits are burdened when we fail.

We cannot imagine life without the Lord and could not have survived many of our separate and combined trials without His strong arms surrounding us with love (especially when we could not feel Him). How any person could, not only doubt God’s love, but actually reject Him and try to live for themselves is beyond our understanding. Our hearts go out to the walking dead, to those who reject Christ, to those who hate God and those who just do not understand the message.

Pray for the unsaved, pray for undecided, pray for the haters, pray for the hated, pray for us, pray for yourselves, pray unceasingly, pray for the will of God to be done here now.