Love freely given, love flowing like water in a large and smooth river, love pooled deeply in an endless ocean; these are some of the ways we think about the love of God, smooth, deep endless, calm. But most often we seek God’s love when our lives are in turmoil, when we realize that we are helplessly lost in a maelstrom of trouble.

Yes God’s love is freely given, yes it is wide and deep and calming but it is also swirling like a waterfall over the obstacles that engulf us daily. It is there in the stormy seas, in the wind and the rain that tear at our hearts and mold our souls into His image.

Imagine the Grand Canyon without the Colorado River, impossible, for it was the abrasive nature of the river that formed the canyon. In like fashion, God’s is sometimes abrasive as He forms us and creates in us His beautiful image, as He works His plan into our hearts so that we can lead others to the everlasting waters of His love.

Lord, thank you for Your Son who, by His sacrifice, redeemed us from our sins and led us to Your love.