I will admit it, I play a lot of solitaire on my computer. I play when I am thinking, watching TV or in this case, waiting for the laundry to finish. For me solitaire focuses my thoughts, offers a distraction when needed and just plain keeps my hands busy when my mind is wandering.

I am not very good at it unless I concentrate on it but that doesn’t matter because it is a diversion and not important in my life. I can certainly live without it. On the other hand there are things we do that are of paramount importance, things we need to do daily that could decide what our eternal walk will look like.

Don’t ‘play solitaire’ with your walk with Jesus. Don’t think of your faith as a distraction or a Sunday thing. God demands your total allegiance, He will not be a diversion or a distraction for your life, either you are all in or you are all out. Give your heart to Jesus, all of your life to God and you will be rewarded with joy and peace in this life and an eternity of bliss with the cloud of witnesses who went on before you.