Every morning Linda and I lay in bed together and pray. We pray for family members by name and concerns, we pray for our friends and the world, we pray for each other and we give thanks and praise to the Lord for His many blessings. Then we get up and start our day. Notice I said our day like we have control over what the day is going to put before us.

Sure, we are to plan our lives and each of our days. However, we need to realize that what we plan (even a plan conceived in His Presence and with much prayer) is only a rough outline, subject to modification by our God as we listen to His voice. Do not be surprised when you are led in a different direction down a different path or that the path you are on leads to a different result for the Lord.

Look at Jonah who finally listened to the Lord and went to Nineveh to prophesy against the people there and was angry when the Lord spared the city because the people repented. For you see, he had assumed the worst for the city and apparently reveled in his role in bringing the city to destruction. God had other plans.