We develop habits for a reason, they allow us to do repetitive chores while thinking about other things. They ensure that things that are important to us get done even when we are distracted. So, how is your ‘habit life’?

Have you created a series of habits that constantly steer you toward the Lord, or do your habits steer you toward the world? You can unwittingly develop habits that distract you from God, that lead you away from the path that Jesus wants you to follow. Satan has this uncanny ability to insert tiny little habits that steer you in his directions and pretty soon you are following him instead of your Father.

You can control your ‘habit life’. Make a conscious effort to replace your bad habits with good ones. Ask your family and friends to tell you about the little things that you do without thinking that influence your behavior and the image you portray to others. Whatever you do, do not be hurt by the response, but start to be intentional about replacing the bad or hurtful habits with good ones that point to Jesus and show His love.