There are wars and rumors of wars.
There is rampant disease and pestilence in parts of the world.
There are unprecedented natural disasters.
There are large areas of famine.
There is massive starvation in parts of the world.
Evil people are perpetrating horrific acts of violence.
Genocide and mass killings are being done in the name of religion.

What is the proper response to what is happening in the world today? How do the followers of Jesus react to all of this and how should they respond?

I, for one, do not believe that there is any one answer. All I know is that we are each given different gifts to use for the glory of God. There is no limit to the gifts God has to bestow and they are as numerous as the stars in the sky. What those gifts are would be is known only to the Lord. Therefore, pray for His guidance, seek His will and follow His path for your life into whatever service He calls you. God will use you for His glory if you will submit to His will.

All you need to do is follow Jesus, share His love with the world.