Most Americans have been taught how to survive, most are experts at surviving in the world to which they were born. They have learned how to stand strong, promote their own agenda and protect their family and their assets. Survivalists, par excellence. How does one go to the strong survivors and tell them that they need Christ, that they must be broken and contrite and willing to give total control to a God they know only slightly?

Go as Paul did, go with trembling and fear, go in humility, go as a revivalist and not as a survivalist. Do not depend on your own ability to influence others. Before you go, before you speak, before you seek to influence others contend for the Holy Spirit to wash over you. Be revived in your own spirit, be filled to overflowing and others will see you and be drawn to God through you. You will not need to seek the lost, they will come.

Holy Spirit come upon us, fill us so full that others can only see you. Revive us, infuse us with Your power. Let Your holy light pulse out to the world and show Your great power and goodness and love.