As foolish as it sounds, I started watching political TV talk shows thinly disguised as the news again. I am amazed at the anger that oozes from the television screen, not righteous anger at the problems of the world, rather anger directed at anyone who disagrees with the commentator’s opinion, opinion, not fact. Anger directed at the experts brought in to discuss the news, even anger between the experts. Where does all of this anger come from? Surely these people who we trust to give us the facts aren’t trying to infuse the news with their agenda. After all, these are shows produced by the news department, not talk shows produced strictly for entertainment.

News show were originally created and produced to inform the public about the things happening in the world. The truth was evident in their broadcasts and you were supposed to be intelligent enough to draw your own informed conclusions about what the events meant. It seems evident that there is so much anger now because the broadcasters are involved in their own conclusions and not in telling the truth.

Thomas Carlyle said, “In any controversy, the moment we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth and have begun striving for ourselves.”

Time to stop worrying and watching and let God be in control.