Back home again in Alabama after spending 3 weeks in Kentucky helping to repair homes for those who are unable to do for themselves. Home, an interesting concept. Home is defined as the place where you have a permanent residence, where you live and spend most of your time. Linda and I believe that there is a more important definition of home.

Home is where the Lord wants us to be, whether it is in Alabama or Kentucky or Florida. Our plans are meaningless, our will has no standing, only the will of the Lord and His plans for us have meaning. Even though our family resides in many places and our hearts are always with them; we must follow the Lord and each trip that we take reaffirms our belief that Kentucky is where we are supposed to be.

So, as we move forward always seeking His will please be aware that we do this in prayer. As doors are opened and doors are closed we will always trust the Lord to be there beside us to guide us to His eternal will.

It is good to be home among old friends and better to be where God wants us to be right now.