Linda and I spend most of our days as a single unit whether we are at home or at CAP. We even come before our Lord in prayer together in the morning and in the evening. This closeness that begins with the Lord shapes our lives and our ministry to others. It also shapes our relationship with each other and forms the basis for how we relate to others.

Because this is a dynamic marriage that dwells around the Lord change is inevitable and it is how we relate to each other and God that determines the strength of our bond. We are able to do so much more together in the Lord than we could ever do apart. Our future is so much brighter now and our ministry opportunities are so magnified. Proof once again of God’s amazing grace.

With Linda by my side, I no longer fear what is ahead, I lunge forward grabbing every chance to magnify God knowing that she is by my side and I watch in awe as Linda glorifies God with her words and deeds. One plus one does equal three when Jesus is included.