When you think upon the successes of the unrighteous and worry and fret that their way seems to produce happiness and bounty read Psalm 37 and know that God is in charge. Even when the rich and famous are trying their best to succeed they are doomed to fail. Look at the addiction problems, the sexual immorality and the emptiness of souls searching for something temporal to fill the void in their lives.

Striving for a goal that is empty has to be one of the most demeaning endeavors anyone can undertake. Even good deeds are empty and unsatisfying when they are done for personal gain or vain posturing. A life lived for self is a life lived in vain and a life that will never know the joy of the Lord.

But a life lived to glorify God and exalt Jesus becomes an enduring monument to the Lord that lives through eternity. So rather than work for goals that you set and ambitions that you have why not wait on the Lord, why not seek His counsel before you act, why not pray for guidance and then listen. You will be amazed at the glory of God and His plan for you.