Yesterday I commented that I intended to vote and I in fact did vote here in Alabama. However the question why? was posted without further comment. In other words, as a Christian who firmly believes that God is in control and that our government and its people govern by the will of God how can we decide who governs and more to the point why should we care?

In response let me state that we live in a country where we have not only a right but a duty to elect those who govern. We are responsible to assess those who want to become elected officials and vote according to our principles. This is an awesome responsibility given to us by God through our forefathers and even though God is in control, He allows us here in the United States to determine who becomes the governing and who is the governed. If the elected officials move our nation away from God then they will suffer the consequences, but if we do nothing to change that movement then we are all responsible and will suffer the consequences equally.