There is a difference between those who are doing religion and those who are doing the walk with Jesus. Look with a discerning eye and you will see. Those who are walking with Jesus are not seeking the spotlight, they are not concerned with getting recognition for their actions and they stay in the background just happy to be of service.

When Jesus is a personal God and when His opinion is all that matters because you love Him above all else, you want to make sure that He receives all of the credit for any good that you do. By ourselves we can do no good, it is only with the help and guidance of Jesus through the Holy Spirit that we are able to do any good thing.

The words that we write are not our own and the good that we do is not of our own choosing. Jesus is with us ready to guide each moment of our lives and it is our choice whether to be with Him or alone on this journey. For Linda and I, life without Jesus would be empty and not worth living. So we choose to follow Jesus wherever He leads.