I spent a lot years ignoring God, thinking that trying my best to be a good husband and father was enough. Never realizing that I was doomed to fail at everything that I tried, I plowed ahead. Some things that I did were good and some not so good, all were destined to fail. A cracked and broken pot can’t do its job and that was me… cracked and broken. When I realized that I could do no good deed I almost quit, almost gave up; but a good friend, a brother, showed me the Way. He brought me to Jesus for healing, he mentored me through the tough times and is still a light shining on the hill for me.

So no longer do I try to earn my spot in heaven, after all a broken vessel has no value. I live in God’s grace knowing that my salvation was secured by the blood of Jesus and awed by the fact that this grace, freely given to me, is available to all who will but ask. The path to heaven is Jesus Christ, there is no other way.