There was a man who believed in Jesus, loved the Lord and studied the Word. For five days every week he worked in an office with ‘work’ friends whose company he enjoyed but who went home to their friends and family every night and on weekends. On Saturday he did housework, laundry, shopped, studied God’s word, watched TV and read. On Sunday he went to church then went home to an empty house.

Sometimes people invited him to join them and he generally did not because he was not comfortable being the new person. Over time he began to realize that what he needed was a newly forming group where he could fit in right away, where his newness would be shared by all. As he looked for new groups with similar interests he realized that his main interest was God, how to know Him better and how to share Him with the world.

Is this you? Find a new startup group at your church. If there isn’t one why not start one? Pick a Bible study or a book or a topic that interests you then let people know where and when. Start it at church or at work or in your neighborhood. Change the world a few at a time.