I have recently realized that my efforts to spread the word of God changed from trying to bring understanding to His Message to trying to convince others of His attributes and even of His existence. If this has offended anyone, I apologize. I exist to serve the Lord and I try to serve Him in the best way that I can. Sometimes my enthusiasm is contagious and sometimes it is just plain annoying, just ask Linda.

As we transition from Alabama to Kentucky we will lean heavily on the Grace of God and the prayers of our family and friends. This new adventure that Linda and I are being led to is going test our faith in as yet unknown ways (God always leads us to growth opportunities). We pray that we are ready for the challenge. We have started the process of sorting out what goes with us, what is donated and what is discarded. A trailer has been reserved and plans to store stuff are being reviewed. Please pray for us as we move, however slowly, to our new mission field.